Apartment Therapy: Are You Overstyled?

From an Apartment Therapy post on 11.1.12

I'm torn on the subject of "propping" your home. There are a lot of things that I have had my entire life that are suddenly trendy in chic modern-living magazines and blogs. For example, my collection of vintage typewriters that I use for my business, or the antler mount that my outdoorsman father

made me when I was kid from found antlers in Colorado. When does styling your home go from being a genuine expression of yourself to a carbon copy of home styling photos?

It seems we see a lot of the same pieces in homes styled in completely different ways. This situation poses the question: do lovers of design and interiors have like-minded taste, or do they simply copy and paste? I believe that each situation is unique in itself and there is no way to form a judgement just by looking at a photo. Everyone's homes have unique and different stories.

A few months back, I posted a makeover of my office area to cries of "what would you need with a typewriter or a big spool of yarn!?" As I own a small gallery and shop, I use those two items daily to create stationery and place tags on products. How could people know that, unless I outwardly explained it? They probably couldn't. However, do everyone's items serve a distinct purpose? Probably not. Does that make them disingenuous? We'd love to hear your thoughtful opinions.

(Image: "my old antler mount" by Andie Powers, from 2011 House call)